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Acacia Honey is a monofloral honey variety produced by bees pollinating the acacia flower. Native to temperate and tropical areas in North America, Asia and Europe, the tree that produces these flowers is Robinia Pseudoancia, also known as the black locust tree or the false acacia tree.

Benefits of acacia honey

Acacia honey is a highly effective natural remedy for a multitude of ailments and conditions.

  • It is a natural pain reliever. Acacia honey is praised for being a great natural pain reliever. Thanks to its properties, it is the best non-pharmacological complement for the treatment of sleep disorders such as insomnia or nightmares, the reduction of stress levels or other nervous disorders.
  • It improves blood circulation, being an ingredient that helps to take care of our body health, increasing blood flow throughout our body. Acacia honey boosts the production levels of red blood cells, platelets and other blood cells. It is also especially recommended for women who experience decreases in their hemoglobin levels during their menstrual cycle.
  • It provides a natural laxative effect, helping to combat constipation or other inflammatory bowel diseases. Thus, for example, its consumption is recommended to treat inflammation caused by colitis, helping to normalize bowel movements and regulate intestinal transit.

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