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Cashews are cultivated in varied places across the world that have warm climates that are conducive to its growth. Cashew nuts are kidney-shaped nuts that are often sold “raw”. While this happens to occur quite rampantly, the consumption of truly raw cashews is dangerous as they contain urushiol, a substance that is found in poison ivy. This substance is toxic and contact with it can result in a skin reaction among certain people. Oftentimes cashew kernels are cooked such as to remove this toxic liquid following which they are sold “raw”. This article will help you understand this nutrient-rich nut that is full of proteins, fat, minerals and vitamins.

Cashew Nuts – Nutritional Facts

While cashew nuts are often called tree nuts and have comparatively the same nutritional levels, cashews are in fact seeds. They have a number of nutrients that are quite beneficial. They can be incorporated into a ton of sweet as well as savoury dishes. In the same fashion as most nuts, cashew nuts can potentially improve your overall health.



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Cashew Premium Malabar Chilly
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