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Mamra is a term that specifies crispy and crunchy texture of a snack (murmura in Hindi). Probably the crunchy texture of this Iranian Badam is the reason why it has acquired the name Mamra Badam.

Mamra Badams have unique cervical shape and are one of the most expensive of all almonds in the market.

Mamra almonds are cultivated widely in the cold-rocky plains of Iran, in Afghanistan and in the Kashmir valley of India. This is because the Mamra Badam trees need sandy, loamy or clayey soils a pH of about 1.5% for best yield. Mamra almond seedlings should be planted in well-drained soil with the required pH although they also tolerate acidic, neutral and alkaline pH levels. The production is very less and it is limited by geographic spread. Along with quality and locational constraints for growth mentioned before This is the reason why mamra badams are expensive


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Almond – Mamra Badam
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