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Inherited by the values of 50 years in dry fruit business, Nuts and Dates has entered the next line of merchandising. Now they import superior graded dates, nuts, seeds, exotic oils, and spices from Saudi, California, Iran and other Middle East countries and sell them wholesale, over the outlets, and online.

Throughout these years of steady growth and customer support, the people behind this endeavour have been searching, researching, and selecting the products of finest quality and genuine taste and delivering them at the very right price.

Keeping an eye on exploring and conquering the healthy snacks industry in India, Nuts and Dates process, pack and deliver these dehydrated delicacies with utmost care and quality assurance procedures at various levels.

Untouched by any preservatives or additives, every piece is loaded with nutrition and taste.

The world-renowned Medina dried dates are their main products. Their premium imports of cashew come from Kollam, the cashew capital of the Kerala. The unadulterated quality of their dry fruits makes them a great addition to your daily diet. So, munch them at anytime without the worry of gluten, artificial colours and flavours.

So no more disappointing dates

Go for the ones that make your tummy and heart full!

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Dry fruits and nuts I purchased from nutsanddates were high-end to say the least. They made our desserts extra scrumptious. They can also be consumed as great appetizers too! Loved it!

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